What is Hybrid Ed-Tech, Inc.?

Hybrid Ed-Tech, Inc. is a company that creates downloadable digital learning tools for traditional, hybrid, and fully online courses in higher education. Our Audio Lessons consist of a PhD educated professor discussing various topics with a co-host in a conversational, yet informative way.

The individual tracks found on the Audio Lesson Albums reinforce learning week by week. Professors who utilize these MP3 lessons assign the corresponding tracks to their students who can listen and learn anytime and anywhere.

We strive to produce quality learning tools that engage the curiosity of students, while providing teachers with valuable mixed media content. Hybrid Ed-Tech's Audio Lessons are Repeatable, Affordable, Portable, and Sustainable.

What is the Mission?

Hybrid Ed-Tech Has One Major Goal: 

Alter the landscape of higher education via mixed media. 

We do this primarily with our downloadable Audio Lesson mp3s. We also create PowerPoints, tests, quizzes, and discussion questions that compliment the Audio Lesson albums, essentially providing professors with pre-packaged courses ready to be utilized in traditional, hybrid, and fully online course environments. 

Audio Lesson Advantages at a Glance:  

  • Repeatable 
  • Affordable 
  • Portable 
  • Sustainable 
  • Engages listeners with dialectical approach 
  • Goes deeper by exploring concepts 
  • Eliminates noise and distraction with headphones

Our Audio Lesson Albums